Sermon Series

Lent: Echoes of the First Holy Week

Feb 14: Ash Wed: Bread and Cup

Feb 18: 1st Sunday of Lent: A Rooster Crows

Feb 25: 2nd Sunday of Lent: Clanking of Coins

Mar 4: 3rd Sunday of Lent: Hammer and Nails

Mar 11:4th Sunday of Lent: Click, Ckick, Clicking

Mar 18: 5th Sunday of Lent: Tearing of the Veil

Mar 25: 6th Palm Sunday: Shouting of the Crowd

Mar 29: Maundy Thursday: Dripping of Water

April 1: Easter Morning: Echoes of an Empty Tomb

April 10: Smells of a Charcoal Fire