Serve our Church


Welcome Ministries
Greeters, Welcomers, Inviters, Visitor Follow-up – Contact: Opal Wolff, 763-4393
Ushers – Contact: Dowling Watford, 763-6246
Communion Stewards – Contact: Ed Bobbitt, 763-7423
Acolytes – Contact: Nancy Vaughan, 763-4021
Food Preparers – Contact: Cheri Watford, 763-6246

Care Ministries
Care Team – Contact: Sheryl Yackamouih, 357-2195
Prayer Group – Contact: Sheryl Yackamouih, 357-2195
Bereavement Meals – Contact: Jeanne Enfinger, 763-5383

Teaching Ministries
Children’s Ministries – Contact: Nancy Vaughan, 763-4021
Teachers & helpers for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Children’s Church, Kid’s Day Out, Parent’s Night Out, other children’s activities

Youth teachers & helpers for Sunday School – Contact: Nancy Vaughan
Wednesday night program, mission trip, other youth activities – Contact: Jim Dawson, 763-4021

Teachers and facilitators for Adult Sunday School classes and Small Groups – Contact: Nancy Vaughan, 763-4021