Lay Leadership

2016 Church Council

Church Council Chair: Diana Saum
Recording Secretary: Betty Clement
Co-Lay Leaders: Gary Kirsch, Opal Wolff
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Opal Wolff
(Alternate): June Waite
Treasurer (staff): Becky Barnhart
Financial Secretary (staff): Robbin Dawson
Membership Secretary (staff): Robbin Dawson
Historian: Jeanne Enfinger
Chair UM Women: Cynthia Yoder
Chair UM Men: Dowling Watford
Chair UM Youth:
Youth/Asst. Pastor (staff): Jim Dawson
Music Director (staff): Ruth Yeilding
Director of Christian Ed & Programs (staff): Nancy Vaughan
Staff-Parish Chair: Jeanne Enfinger
Board of Trustees Chair: Christy Spangler
Finance Chair: Dowling Watford
Intentional Faith Discipling Chair: Opal Wolff
Salty Service/Community Life Chair: Leah Suarez
Salty Service/Global Life Chair: Sharon Suits
Children’s Home Representative: Cynthia Yoder
Interpreter of Connectional Giving: Opal Wolff
Campus Ministries Representative: Sharon Suits

Native American Ministries Representative: Cheri Watford